Riverdale 5×10: Hiram releases all prisoners (recap)



Riverdale’s 5th season reached its midseason finale (as the episodes before the season hiatus are called) with crazy plans, prisoners escaping from prison and, of course, a new mystery that will make fans even more anxious for the return of series – which will only be on July 7!

Check out the full recap and see everything that happened before the series hiatus.

More details of the 5×10 episode of Riverdale

Hiram has not yet given up on destroying the city, and this time his plans were even more ambitious. He tells Reggie that he believes he has discovered palladium, a precious metal more valuable than gold, under the Blossom estate. So, Reggie convinces Cheryl’s grandmother to sell the property to him, but, as Cheryl explains later, she is already senile and her signature has no legal value.

Then, Hiram causes a situation that will distract the entire city as he searches for the precious metal: he literally blows up a hole in the walls of Riverdale’s prison and frees all prisoners while Reggie invades the property.

At school, Archie and Kevin are taking a tour with the parents of the teenagers when, suddenly, the lights go out and several prisoners invade the institution. Archie struggles with several convicts and his uncle Frank says that Hiram paid these prisoners to destroy the city.

At Betty’s house, Charles and Chic show up after escaping and say they want to get married. Glen, Betty’s new boyfriend, also appears and Charlie points a gun at him, daring Juniper to stab Glen under the threat of the gun. To defend Juniper, Betty takes her place in Charles’s sick game and stabs Glen, but also takes the opportunity to try to hurt Chic. In the confusion, a gun goes off and Charles is shot.

As for the other characters, things don’t look as disastrous as they did at Betty’s house, although that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own problems. Veronica still wants to convince Chad to sign the divorce and learns that he is using his belongings as collateral for some risky investments. Toni is in bed, resting because of her pregnancy.

And then we have Jughead. He used some mushrooms that caused Betty to hallucinate. When Tabitha goes to see if Jughead is well, she finds out that he has disappeared and finds a trail of blood. End of the episode!

Riverdale’s fifth season returns only in July 2021. What do you think happened to Jughead? Leave your comment on the 5×10 episode below!


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