Riverdale 5×10: Archie gets unexpected news


The CW channel released the official preview of “The Pincushion Man”, the tenth episode of Riverdale’s 5th season, which will also serve as the end of the midseason, before the series starts its prolonged hiatus from the screens for several weeks.

The show will temporarily leave the screens after next Wednesday’s finale. It will then be replaced by newcomer Kung Fu, the next martial arts action adventure series that debuts on The CW on April 7, 2021, and will remain on the air until Riverdale returns on July 7. .

The episode “Chapter Eighty-Six: The Pincushion Man” will bring Archie’s former Army general, who appears in town for a visit that catches him off guard. Elsewhere, Jughead continues to freak out as his unconventional attempt to overcome writer’s block is making Tabitha very concerned.

Check out the preview:

Riverdale: more details about episode 5×10

In the official synopsis of the episode, The CW describes that “as they prepare for Parent and Teacher night, Archie is taken aback when his former army general appears in Riverdale with unexpected news. Cheryl cringes after hearing that Hiram and Reggie have expressed an interest in taking care of the Blossom family groves. Jughead’s unconventional way of curing his creative block causes Tabitha to be concerned about her safety. Finally, Betty and Alice receive unexpected visitors ”.

In total, Season 5 will consist of 19 episodes. Therefore, when the series returns in July, 9 more chapters will be shown until the season finale.

Riverdale episode 10, which airs on March 31, was directed by Gabriel Correa and written by Chrissi Maroon. Be sure to check it out!