Rivengard: Tactical RPG is officially available for Android


After a few months of waiting, Snowprint Studios officially announced the availability for Android and iOS of its tactical RPG Rivengard, which arrives already prepared for Brazilian players, thanks to the inclusion of the Brazilian Portuguese translation patch in version 1.1.15.

Bringing shift mechanics that refer to other games known as Magic and Heroes of Might, he bets on bringing optimization optimized for smartphones and the possibility of collecting heroes with specific skills, challenging the player’s strategy to assemble the ideal team for the challenges.

With the presence of elves, dwarves and goblins, the story is set in a new fantasy world that features creatures like Reefkin, the war rats of the Walled Kingdoms and the underworld inhabitants of the mysterious Cave Kingdom.

According to Wilhelm Österberg, of Snowprint Studios, Rivengard’s arrival is seen with pride and there is anxiety to continue offering improvements and evolutions in the game, in collaboration with the player community.

“I am extremely proud of what we have achieved with Rivengard. We are pushing the envelope on what turn-based tactics on mobile can be, and the excellent response from the player throughout our smooth launch certainly supports this. We are very eager to continue to improve and evolve the game in close collaboration with our community. ”

A point worth mentioning here is that the game is offered free to players, as well as other games on the market offered the possibility to make in-app purchases with payments ranging between R $ 12.99 and R $ 619, 99 on Android and between R $ 10.90 and R $ 549.90 for players with iOS devices.

Those interested in knowing and playing Rivengard can already download and install the game directly from the App Store or Google Play Store through the card below.


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