Rita Ora likes to sit on the sofa in her house with virtually nothing


Rita Ora does not believe in rules of any kind. The guidelines and standards are to be broken according to your point of view. The Kosovar singer had us adapted to her bikinis in much smaller sizes than those that corresponded with her body, however, the personality and beauty she possesses made her look great. The last war of the also model with censorship was fought by means of a photo on the sofa, so far it does not seem to cause problems. We invite you to observe to witness how you like to sit in the tranquility of your home.

Rita dropped into her furniture with sleepwear, almost lets see everything underneath, she is practically using nothing. His tattoos on each arm add more sensuality to the photo. Almost 1 million people liked the relaxed style of the beautiful composer.

What did you want to reveal with the photo? The message he put his followers on hold was: «After 3 consecutive shots I have to get home. I can’t wait for everyone to see them. I have to make music now … I can’t wait to hibernate for all of you!

Good news and new music from Rita Ora are coming for this 2020 that began with the dynamics of implicit change.


The millionaire versatility of Rita Ora
The last months were many millions for Ora. In the last year he managed to double his economic benefits. Not only was it about music, it expanded its work to different areas.

11.97 million euros is the number it reached based on its companies: Rora Properties, Ora Multi-services and Ora Live. In addition, he was part of a movie and panelist. Finally, he signed advertising contracts with Adidas, Coca-Cola and Rimmel. Rita Ora tried everything and emerged victorious, there is little that Pristina cannot do well.