Ripple Whales in Preparing to Sell: Huge XRP Transferred to Stock Exchanges


Whale Alert, who was watching the big crypto movements, found that Ripple sent $ 12,293,769 XRP to the wallet of former CTO Jed McCaleb (now Stellar Lumens’ co-founder and CTO).

Following this move, more than 163 million XRP movements were observed between crypto exchanges and anonymous wallets.

Whale Alert Confirms that Carrying XRPs Will Be Sold
Whale Alert warned its followers by adding a comment to the post on the transaction on Twitter. Whale Alert stated that this transfer is a regular transfer under an agreement between McCaleb and Ripple. In addition, the agreement also states how much of the former Ripple co-founder and CTO can sell XRP.

McCaleb has sold approximately 1.05 billion XRP so far and has made a profit of about $ 135 million. Jed McCaleb also donated around 140 million XRP to charities. In January of this year, the old Ripple CTO sold more than 19 million XRP.

Whale Alert’s research concluded that Jed McCaleb’s XRP sales had no effect on the XRP price. However, when XRP’s own sales are added, we can say that the bears are constantly influencing the XRP price.

133 Million XRP Transmitted
According to the Twitter account XRPL Monitor, which monitors only XRP movements, XRP has moved more than twice the McCaleb’s massive transfer in the past 24 hours. The moving 163.3 million XRP was sent to various exchanges and addresses.

The biggest transfers were sent to the Bitstamp Exchange. It also attracted attention that this exchange is the most favorite stock market that McCaleb used to sell its XRPs.

XRP transfers sent to the Bitstamp Exchange:

23,381,924 XRP
23,381,924 XRP
24,999,995 XRP
XRP transfers sent to the Bithumb Exchange:

28,000,000 XRP
XRP transfers sent to Binance Exchange:

30,000,000 XRP
The rest were transferred to XRPs BitGo and anonymous crypto wallets.


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