Ripple Takes Its Place Among Fast Growing Companies


San Francisco-based blockchain giant Ripple, one of America’s leading business magazines, Inc. has achieved a great success by being accepted as one of the fastest growing companies.

Ripple, which managed to rank 123rd among the 5,000 businesses published in the magazine, actually proved how bright the future of the blockchain ecosystem is with this success.

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Inch. Here you can find a full list of 5,000 fastest growing companies announced by

According to the research conducted by the magazine, Ripple, which was founded in 2012 and is in the crypto money market with XRP, has achieved a growth of 3.039% in the last three years.

The company, which owns 55% of the total supply of XRP in the market, has a notional value of $ 7 billion in the RippleNet network.

The RippleNet network, connecting major banks and financial institutions, exceeded 300 customers last year.

Top of the list is privacy management company

While Ripple is the top-tier company associated with blockchain, there are also some private companies that have made greater advances when their financial services department is considered overall. For example, Nationwide Mortgage Bankers is the leader among financial companies with 16,395% growth.

Georgia-based startup OneTrust is at the top of the list. OneTrust has reached a value of $ 2.7 billion in just 4 years with a 48.337% improvement.

What’s the Latest in XRP?

As of writing, many investors are waiting for a potential leap in XRP, which is traded at $ 0.325. However, some well-known analysts such as Michaël van de Poppe warn that there may be a major pullback for XRP and investors should be cautious about it. The recent spike could be a bullish trap, analysts say.

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The expected retracement for XRP is expected to be between 15% -27%. Of course, the probability of this withdrawal will decrease as long as XRP stays above $ 0.32.


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