Ripple Strengthens Its Partnerships With Universities


The University Blockchain Research Initiative, supported by Ripple, expands its research by adding new universities from around the world. Ripple has announced that it has partnered with 37 universities from 15 countries for this initiative so far.

Ripple shared a blog post on its site last week about its activities with the University Blockchain Research Initiative and partnered universities. In the post, it was announced that partnerships were established with 4 more institutions, including the University of Zurich and the Tecnológico Autónomo de México Institute, and the number of collaborating universities increased to 37. It is argued that this formation, called UBRI in short, aims to bring technological developments to life to solve global financial problems by meeting on a common ground with the academy for the development of the blockchain industry.

Ripple and Universities Digitize the Future of Finance

With the article published on the site, Ripple mentioned various universities in cooperation with, and gave examples of the activities of institutions that carry out research and R&D studies jointly with the UBRI project. With the Sustainable Digital Finance Center of the University of Zurich, which has recently joined the partnership within the scope of UBRI; announced that research will be conducted on the digitization of financial services for financial companies, corporate businesses and consumers.

In the post, it was also mentioned that UBRI and Ryerson University are in cooperation to develop digital payment methods for Mosaïque operating in the Canadian real estate sector. Atefeh Mashatan, an officer of the University’s Cyber ​​Security Research Laboratory, said that with this collaboration, they had the opportunity to benefit from Ripple’s blockchain expertise while creating a digital currency-based payment method for Mosaïque.

At the same time, Ripple explained that together with ETH Zurich, one of the institutions with which it has established a new partnership, they can reveal the potential of the areas where blockchain can be integrated in Switzerland, as well as developing new systems and payment methods, as well as working in the fields of information security and cryptography.

Ripple, showing that this initiative was established not only to produce projects for companies, but also for educational purposes, announced that blockchain-related courses will be organized with partnerships in Mexico. In collaboration with UBRI and the Autónomo de México Institute of Tecnológico, students will be trained to meet the country’s growing demand for digital services. In the blog post published; Stating that they think the interest in blockchain in Mexico will increase further over the years, the company emphasized that these trainings are very important.


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