Ripple Prophet: We Can See Bitcoin At These Levels In The Short Term!


Popular crypto analyst Credible, known as the Ripple seer, says that an indicator that has been overlooked in Bitcoin (BTC)’s long-term chart is preparing a new phase that will take BTC to ATH levels.

Hidden signals on Bitcoin chart point to ATH levels

You can take a look at the analyst’s accurate price predictions here. The popular analyst known as Credible in his current forecasts says he looked at BTC’s three-week candles and found a discrepancy between price action and the momentum indicator RSI, implying that significant, long-term rallies are on the way:

As long as the price (three weeks) stays above $34,000, this key bullish divergence is expected to emerge and take us to all-time highs.

While Bitcoin’s 50% drop from $69,000 is significant, Credible claims that BTC has never made a lower bottom (LL) and maintains its bull market structure for longer periods of time. The analyst looks at the chart below and shares that he sees a strong market structure:

I’m not sure how this could be bearish considering we’ve bounced back to new ATHs last time around $30,000 and this time we haven’t even hit a lower low yet. Simple market structure.

“This level will be critical for 45 thousand dollars”

The analyst, who watches lower timeframes closely, claims that BTC potentially creates a triangle bottom pattern out of all possible scenarios. After BTC hits $42,500, Credible believes we will see confirmation of a bullish reversal in the next few days, with the next target at $45,000:

An update on this idea – if daily demand was stable and Option 1 (triangle outlined in blue) is playing, the triangular structure may now be complete. If it continues like this, it will become clear in the coming days. It starts with a break of $42,500 and quickly builds up to $45,000.