Ripple Plans To Expand Its Financial Network


Ripple is working to expand its network of financial institutions and is looking for integration engineers in the UAE and the UK to help them find more customers and integrate RippleNet.

The San Francisco-based blockchain network Ripple aims to expand by adding more financial institutions as partners and customers to RippleNet, providing seamless access to its own payment systems.

Ripple has posted two job postings for recruitment in integration engineering.

Integration Engineers from Dubai and London

Ripple has posted two job postings: Senior Integration Engineer in Dubai, UAE and stated that they want to recruit Personnel Integration Engineering positions in London, UK.

According to the job postings, the first will help the company expand its financial institution network and give new and existing partners easy access to RippleNet through their own payment systems.

The new Ripple Staff Integration Engineer (when available and hired) will work to create and try out new integration solutions and will take part in troubleshooting sessions with major global companies and technology teams.

What will they have to do for DLT?

Tasks for both integration engineers include: They will need to design, build, test and deploy integration solutions for Ripple, and solve the challenges Ripple’s customers and partners may face in the field of integration and distribution.

They will also need to provide top-notch training to new Ripple customers.

Ripple aims to convert cross-border payments. Earlier, Ripple’s Senior Vice President of Customer Relations, Marcus Treacher, stated that currently the transnational payments market is highly fragmented.

However, he added that ISO standardization and the way RippleNet solves the problem will transform this industry.

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According to Treacher, digital assets like XRP could potentially become a payment solution that will be better than anything on the market today.

The on-demand liquidity (ODL) corridors are likely to be set up with several more this year. Corridors planned to be established in Africa, Asia and Latin America; It will be in addition to the ODL corridors that have already been operating in various corners of the world for a long time.


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