Ripple Milestone: RippleX Released Its First Project


Ripple, which has a valuation of over $ 10 billion, has implemented its own developer platform RippleX and the first project has been published. The first RippleX project based on XRP Ledger was officially published on Github. So what exactly does this landmark development mean for Ripple?

RippleX’s first project: XRPl4j

The first project appears to be a Java library (XRPl4j) with an interaction function with XRP Ledger (XRPL). The main purpose of this development can be expressed as the use of Java language in the XRP Ledger network. It is seen that the project was created with the Java based automation tool Maven and has a multi-module architecture. One of these modules enables the addresses and public keys in the XRP network to be converted into Base58Check encryption language. The Base58Chck encryption protocol is known as the method used in XRP wallets. In fact, this language was also used in the original Bitcoin client.

Bridged between Java apps and XRP Ledger

The biggest benefit of RippleX’s first project will be to create a bridge between XRPL and Java applications. With this development, Ripple aims to pave the way for new projects and developments in the network. RippleX was formerly known as Xpring and was Ripple’s investment and development arm. Although Xpring has invested and funded many projects such as the recently popular Flare Network, it could not be mentioned much in terms of development.

The first project implemented and the fact that it is a bridge could change things for Xpring, or RippleX as it is now called. The XRP price, on the other hand, fell by 6% in the last 24 hours and fell again below the $ 0.50 level.


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