Ripple May Be Withdrawn From The US In The Future


According to a new blog post published by Ripple, some services have been rebranded by the company and the company’s global mission has been highlighted once again.

Ripple has recently chosen to rebrand two of its products. First, RippleX, a developer-oriented payment platform, will now be called Xpring. The second innovation was in Ripple for Good, known as a charity and education platform. The institution will now continue its activities in the same way with the name Ripple Impact.

These changes were determined during the trademark applications last August and became fully official with the report published today. With its new brands, Ripple will engage in an intense struggle for the company’s global expansion.

“We are eliminating the frictions inherent in our global financial system. We are laying the foundations for being able to pay for anyone, anywhere, anytime. ”

With the statement made today, the company stated that they will also develop RippleNet, the main payment product. More detailed explanations about these issues will be made at the company’s conference Ripple Swell, which took place at the end of October.

Will Ripple Leave the US?

While the company has positively portrayed its global expansion efforts, it could also withdraw from the US altogether.

On Tuesday, Ripple Chairman Chris Larsen expressed his disappointment with US regulators, in a speech at the LA Blockchain Summit, stating that more viable regulatory environments have been provided in Singapore and the UK, and that the company’s headquarters could be moved to friendly jurisdictions.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse confirmed this statement with his Twitter post. The famous CEO stated that Ripple does not avoid rules, they only want to work in an area where the rules are clear.

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Like assets sold by other cryptocurrency companies, the legal status of XRP remains uncertain. In addition, class action charges against Ripple and allegations of selling unregistered securities are still pending. Moving the company’s headquarters to another country will not resolve these cases. However, with this possible decision, Ripple may be less pressured by regulators in the future.


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