Ripple Manager Announces Altcoins Invested!


Ripple CTO David Schwartz said he sold tens of thousands of Ethereum (ETH) long before investments in Bitcoin (BTC) and XRP reached their peak.

The Ripple manager said that he and his wife had decided to sell a significant amount of cryptocurrency from 2012, but a few years later, they made the decision alone to sell the ETHs they hold:

“I sold 40,000 ETH for $ 1.”

This amount of Ethereum is now worth $ 15.5 million. Ripple’s chief technology officer also shared that he regretted selling BTC and XRP assets at a price well below their current market value:

“My Derisk decision was made in 2012 when I discussed investing in cryptocurrencies with my wife. At that moment he insisted that we agree on a plan. And I must say that every bitcoin I sell for $ 750, every XRP I sell for $ 0.10 is doing a loss. ”

Which Altcoins Did He Invest in?

Schwartz says his decision to sell BTC, ETH, and XRP investments too early was due to a certain character trait:

“I avoid these risks with people who rely on me financially and emotionally while avoiding risk. Fate caused me to put a lot of eggs in one basket. I like this basket. However, the risk is very high in the entire cryptocurrency space. I am too reasonable to argue otherwise, and I suggest others do the same. ”

Despite his distaste for risk, Schwartz apparently holds a prominent position in the game and told his 158,000 followers that he still invested in crypto last month. Ripple CTO stated that he still has Ethereum (ETH) and a very small amount of Basic Attention Token (BAT) investment:

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“Besides XRP and BTC, I have small amounts of BAT and ETH. I also have other small amounts of crypto money investments. “


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