Ripple Deal With British Company Guavapay


Guavapay company, which provides payment services to UK customers, has reached an agreement with Ripple. The company has formally joined RippleNet, a global payment network to expand its international reach.

Guavapay, an electronic money organization that provides payment services to its customers in accordance with financial audits in the UK, announced in a press release on their official site that Guavapay has joined RippleNet to expand its international scope. Having agreed with Ripple, Guavapay stated that taking advantage of RippleNet will provide a fast, reliable and more cost-effective transfer opportunity for customers.

“We Are Very Excited To Be A Member Of RippleNet”

In the announcement published on the official website of Guavapay, Guavapay Global Partners President Vugar Mammadrzayev said that he is very excited about the international developments that will be provided by joining RippleNet. Indicating that Guavapay has a wide range of services, Mammadrzayev stated that they offer customers payment transactions in more than 30 local currencies including GBP, EUR and USD and in more than 100 countries.

Referring to the importance of the partnership, Vugar Mammadrzayev said that as a member of Ripple’s global payment network, RippleNet, which provides faster and lower-cost payments, he believes that both their international networks will expand and this partnership will bring speed and transparency to a traditionally slow and opaque industry.

First Class Service is Aimed for Customers

Aiming to make money transfers possible on a global scale by reaching the local payment systems of each country with this partnership, Mammadrzayev stated that the established system will continue to be developed continuously and will provide customers with first-class service, competitive exchange rates and cost-effective solutions for money transfer worldwide.


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