Ripple board member arrested


Ken Kurson, a board member of Ripple, has been arrested on cyberbullying charges.

Ken Kurson, co-founder of the crypto-focused website Modern Consensus and a board member of Ripple, was reportedly arrested Friday on charges of cyberbullying linked to his divorce.

According to the news in the New York Times, Kurson is accused of sending harassment and threatening messages to several different people. Moreover, it is said that Kurson installed spyware on a person’s computer to track keystrokes and made false claims about that person to his boss under different aliases. Kurson allegedly blamed one of these people for causing their divorce.

“Ken Kurson is a respected man, a loving father, and a talented writer,” Kurson’s lawyer said on the subject. Those alleged do not require a federal criminal prosecution. ” said.

Kurson is close to US President Donald Trump. Ripple’s board of directors is also reportedly close friends with Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Kurson was editor-in-chief of the New York Observer newspaper at the time Kushner owned it. After leaving here, he joined Ripple’s board of directors. In 2018, Kurson also launched a cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused website called Modern Consensus.

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