Ripple Accuses Youtube Of Blindness Against XRP Scams


Ripple said Youtube was the culprit for XRP scam ads. Ripple claimed that they had repeatedly warned Youtube about this, after YouTube announced that it had no links with the related videos.

In April, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse stated that he indirectly blames Youtube for a number of fraud attempts that deceive people with the promise of giving XRP by posting videos on Youtube. Underlining that Youtube is responsible for preventing fraudulent activities on its platform, Garlinghouse sued Youtube on the grounds that these videos damaged both his and his company’s reputation.

Youtube filed an attack on the charges and filed a petition for the lawsuit in July. In the petition, Youtube stated that as an online sharing platform, it cannot be held responsible for the content shared by third parties. It was also stated in the petition that the Youtube company did not knowingly and willingly initiate this fraud.

Appeal From Ripple To Youtube

Another move against YouTube’s announcement came from Ripple. Ripple announced that approximately 350 complaints were made to Youtube about these videos uploaded for fraudulent purposes. Accordingly, the intervention of Youtube weeks and even months after it was described by Ripple as “conscious blindness”. Ripple blamed the company for claims that Youtube ignored these videos and deliberately ignored the subsequent warnings.

The bad thing is; The number of these scam videos on Youtube is increasing every day. Some of these videos received tens of thousands of views in just a few hours. Ripple said that as a result of these videos and Youtube deliberately acting late, millions of XRP users were defrauded, adding that this situation caused serious damage to the company.

Allegedly Seeks To Earn Income From Youtube Scam Videos

According to Coindesk’s report, Ripple claimed that besides allegations of “deliberate blindness”, Youtube made profit from fraudulent videos and even provided financial support to fraudsters by giving a verified account tick to one of the channels that broadcast these videos.

Those who are uncomfortable with this attitude of Youtube are not limited to Ripple. Apple co-founder and BTC investor Steve Wozniak also announced that he was suing Youtube with his statements. Wozniak requested the prevention of fraudulent videos with fake Bitcoin ads posted on Yotube and complained to Youtube on the grounds that it did not take the necessary responsibility.


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