Riot Unveils Gameplay From Project L, LoL-Inspired Fighting Game


Riot showed, for the first time, a little of how the gameplay of Project L will be, the spin-off of League of Legends that puts the champions to fight in 2D combat. The video also brings details of the development and is a must for anyone eager to try the game:

Project L was one of the first spin-offs announced for League of Legends, back in 2019. Now, with the release of several new products in the LoL universe – including even the Arcane series on Netflix – Riot didn’t want to miss the opportunity to remind everyone of your fighting game.

You can see that the visuals and animations are heavily inspired by games from Arc System Works, the developer of Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball FighterZ, a prominent name when it comes to cel-shading. In terms of gameplay, the game will use the 2 vs. format. 2, which means extensive combos and the ability to use your partner’s assists in combat.

The developers mention that the focus in creating Project L is to deliver “easy to learn and hard to master” gameplay. This jargon is a common goal in fighting games. They also mention the importance of quality netcode so players can tackle each other without lag, so that’s why Project L is going to rollback and leverage server technology that Riot spent years building with LoL and already uses with Valorant.

The video shown in this trailer is a “vertical crop”. A development focused on a specific cut of the game to be able to show it. Project L is still far from ready, so it shouldn’t be released next year.