Riot Suspends Valorant Pro Player Accused of Sexual Harassment


Riot: Also in March of this year, the professional Valorant player known as Jay “Sinatraa” Won was accused of sexual harassment by an old girlfriend, who reported in detail some of the abuse experiences throughout her nine-month relationship. Immediately, an investigation against Sinatraa was started and the boy’s team, Sentinels, suspended him until everything was resolved.

After some time has passed, Riot Games commented on the matter and decided to suspend the Pro Player for another 6 months, citing that it did not cooperate with the investigation that the studio itself was carrying out. According to the company, Sinatraa misrepresented certain facts, made false claims and did not cooperate in the way that is expected of a professional Valorant player.

It is worth remembering that as soon as his former partner made the accusations, the audio of a video was released in which it was clear that he had insisted on continuing a sexual act even after she refused and asked him to stop. Sinatraa soon defended himself by saying that he had the full video showing the context of the situation and that he would hand it over to the authorities to prove that he had not committed this abuse.

But not only did he not hand over the video to the authorities, he also backed down saying that he actually deleted the video as soon as he ended his relationship with the woman. This generated great suspicions and may have been one of the reasons why Riot Games became even more suspicious.

Also according to the developer of Valorant, the player will be suspended until at least the 10th of September this year and will only be able to play again if he conducts conduct training. It is just not known if the Sentinels team will continue their contract with him, since his replacement by the player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo was very successful and they have been standing out in their matches since then.

Of course, any return from Sinatraa will also depend on his acquittal by the authorities, as it is difficult to imagine a career in eSports if the boy is really guilty of the charges. It would be difficult even for him to return to the Overwatch League, considering that Blizzard offered refunds for the special skin that the player received after being named the league’s most valuable player (MPV) in 2019.


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