Riot Sends a Heartfelt Care Package to Kiede to Help Her Recover


Kyedae received an unexpected package from the developers of Valorant and League of Legends, Riot Games, containing several figurines and heartfelt letters.

Kyedae is a huge part of the Valorant community, being one of the largest content creators focused on the game, and even won the title of Streamer of the Year by Valorant at the QTCinderella Streamer Awards.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the game developers decided to lend a helping hand and offer some support after Kiede announced her cancer diagnosis on Twitter.

Riot Games sent Kiede a help package containing a heartfelt letter, several figurines, a hand-painted bag and some Valorant merchandise.

However, Kyedae could not finish reading one of the letters, as it touched her, and, according to her, she “did not want to cry” and “hates showing her emotions on the Internet.”

Kyedae reads messages from Riot and its employees

The video from JettShorts begins with Kyedae reading one of the letters from Riot Games employees.

“Hi Kyedae, our team has collected some of their personal favorite things that we love and find comforting, we hope that they will bring you the same sense of coziness and comfort as we do. Also included are some of our favorite parts of Valorant and Riot,” Kiede read in the letter.

After she finished with the first letter, Kyedae showed off some of the things included in the care kit, such as figurines and a specially colored bag, Kyodae said she would decorate the bag with her Valorant pins and bring it with her to the hospital. .

Then the content creator tried to get a personal letter from Anna, most likely from Anna Donlon, but was forced to stop because she said she was on the verge of tears and “not in the mood to cry.”

Kyedae continues to surprise her fans with her positive attitude, a good example of this is the ridiculing of her diagnosis in her speech at the Streamer Awards ceremony.


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