Riot Games Shows The Upcoming New Map To Valorant


Riot Games showed the 5th map that will come to the game today in its share on the official VALORANT Twitter account. It has been announced that the fifth map will be the map named Icebox located in a snowy area.

The FPS game VALORANT, which was released by Riot Games at the beginning of last June and managed to attract the attention of the players, continues to get new content. Today, in the post on the official VALORANT account on Twitter, the new map where the players will fight was included.

In the tweet shared recently, it was announced that the new map to come to VALORANT will be a map named Icebox. The map, which will have a snowy atmosphere, will be a place where players will fight 5 to 5 on a harbor in the glaciers as far as we can see from the video. The map will be the 5th map of VALORANT.

VALORANT will get its 5th map:

VALORANT will add a new map to its structure after the Ascent map added to the game in Part 1 with the Icebox map. Icebox will start hosting competition from players with the release of Part 3. Players who have been waiting for a new map for a long time will finally get what they want.

As we can see from the details in the video, Icebox will be a map where the ropes we see in Split will also be used. Thus, the new map will have a structure that will allow more different tactics to be applied. This will increase the competitiveness of the game a little bit more.

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The Icebox map, which is announced to be coming to VALORANT, will be presented to the players with Episode 1, Part 3, which will be released on October 13. With the 3rd part to be released, the level problem in the competitive system will be eliminated and the players will not take part in the same competitive match with players who are 6 levels higher than them.


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