Riot Games Postponed The Release of a Patch For League of Legends Due to an Attack Using Social Engineering


Riot Games has confirmed that new content for League Of Legends and Teamfight Tactics has been postponed due to a social engineering attack.

Patch 13.2 was supposed to be released this week, which will bring with it new content such as art and a sustainability update for Ari, but according to Riot Games, this will now probably be moved to the February 13.3 patch.

Last week (January 20) Riot confirmed that “systems in our development environment have been compromised by a social engineering attack.”

“We don’t have all the answers right now, but we wanted to let you know in advance and let you know that there is no indication that player data or personal information has been obtained,” Riot continued, before adding, “This has temporarily affected our ability to release content.”.

Later, the League Of Legends Twitter account confirmed that the attack “may affect the delivery date of patch 13.2, [but] the League team is working to expand the limits of what we can fix to deliver most of the planned and tested balance. changes in time.”

Teamfight Tactics tweeted a similar message: “Update 13.2 was focused on further balance updates for Monsters Attack! This issue may affect our ability to release the full scope of planned balance sheet changes, but we are working to implement the most significant ones with a fix at the scheduled fix time.”

In a Riot note, the company confirmed that patch 13.2 will not be released this week, although the development team is working on the release of “micropatches” to present the planned balance updates. The new content is “very likely” to be delayed until version 13.3, which is due in early February.

Earlier this month, Riot Games released a statement about the League Of Legends cinematic, which was launched simultaneously with the 2023 season, saying it “missed the mark” due to the occurrence of “unprecedented circumstances.”

This happened after Riot Games outlined some of the content planned for the 2023 season, including two new champions.

It also looks like a League Of Legends side game starring Silas may be imminent from Riot Games’ publishing arm Riot Forge, as the mysterious project has been evaluated for release in South Korea.

In other news, a fraudster created a fake Escape From Tarkov page on Steam, trying to deceive players.


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