Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent Sued For Sexual Abuse and Gender Discrimination


Nicolo Laurent , the CEO of Riot Games, which has become one of the most famous video game companies on the planet thanks to the success of League of Legends, was denounced by Sharon O’Donnell , a former employee of the company who accuses him of sexual abuse and gender discrimination. .

This was revealed by VICE Games, which claims to be in possession of a copy of the complaint filed at the Superior Court for the State of California in Los Angeles County. According to O’Donnell, Laurent invited her to “come” to his house while his wife was away , also asking her about the size of her underwear and saying phrases such as: “My wife is jealous of beautiful women” .

O’Donnell worked as an Executive Assistant to the CEO until July 2020. In court filings, she claims she has been harassed and discriminated against for her gender since she was hired. The CEO also reportedly made repeated comments about her physical appearance, advising her to be more feminine. On another occasion, O’Donnell claims she was hugged and invited on a trip. After repeated refusals, plaintiff claims that she was punished at work with actions such as denying her lunch break, and finally fired without even being paid for all working hours and overtime.

Riot Games has started internal investigations, but for the moment Nicolo Laurent remains in his post as CEO . It is not the first time that the American development company has found itself having to manage such a case: Riot Games had already ended up at the center of a scandal in 2018 following an article by Kotaku that had brought to the surface some episodes of sexism and some employee complaints.


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