Riot Games CEO accused of sexual harassment

The name of Riot Game, one of the leading names in the industry with games such as LoL and Valorant, has been involved in sexual harassment allegations. The former secretary of the company’s CEO, Nicolo Laurent, appealed to the court and stated that he was sexually harassed by his boss and was fired for not responding.

Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, one of the leading names in the gaming world, has been accused of sexual harassment by his former secretary, Shardon O’Donnell. Secretary O’Donnel, who applied to the court, stated that Laurent verbally abused her and made immoral offers.

All eyes on Riot Games, who have been accused of gender discrimination in recent years, were brought to court. The former secretary accused the CEO of not only sexual harassment, but also avoiding paying extra hours and banning lunch breaks.

He allegedly acted inappropriate not only to his former secretary, but also to other women in the office.

Before Sharon O’Donnell was fired in June 2020, Laurent told him “Can you handle me if we’re home alone?” I want to do naughty things in your house. ” She explained that she used expressions in the style of her, and she constantly advised other women in the office to have a child to get rid of the stress of the COVID-19 epidemic.

In his statement, Laurent stated that his boss was constantly trying to guess the color of his underwear and complained that his wife was constantly jealous of beautiful women. Unable to get a response as expected, the CEO allegedly banned O’Donnell from going out to lunch and refused to pay any extra overtime wages.


Riot Games, accused of gender discrimination due to unfair treatment of women working in the office in 2018, agreed to pay a significant amount of compensation to all women working in the company since 2014.

Riot Games is currently charged with a much more serious charge than the previous charges. One of the spokespersons of the company completely denied the allegations and stated that the secretary in question terminated his job because he had disturbed at least 8 people inside the office.



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