Riot explains why the Ages Bar was removed


Every online multiplayer game ends up undergoing major changes over time to keep your games balanced and a game of League of Legends magnitude could not be different. Although not everyone agrees with the changes made by Riot, the company struggles to explain its decisions.

Recently, the company gave a necessary clarification on the removal of the item Rod of Ages (Rod of Ages in Portuguese), which has not shown up in LoL since the beginning of the 11th season of the game. This confused some players, although others considered the item very strong.

According to the developers, if they realized that when an item falls into three categories, it needs to undergo a kind of update. If the update fails to change the fact that this item is in these categories, it needs to be removed from the game. Such categories are:

If the item violates the game’s well-being by not offering counterplay possibilities, that is, when there is no build that offers a real threat to it;
If the item has an overlap of uses or objectives with other items;
If the item ends up having an almost mandatory use for certain champions without the possibility of offering flexible options.
In the case of Rod of Ages, the developers believed that the item was hurting at least two principles of mythical items: satisfaction and choice. According to Riot, the item could only be used by a small number of specific champions, but in those cases, it became too powerful. This made it unthinkable to play with one of these characters without choosing Rod of Ages as one of the first items to be chosen.

Unfortunately, when they tried to balance the Rod of Ages, it was quite clear that the item just ended up becoming irrelevant. Several versions were tested, but none pleased the designers, something that led to the permanent removal of the item from League of Legends. And do you agree with Riot’s decision? Comment below!


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