Riot Announces League of Legends: Wild Rift Tournament in Brazil


Riot: Almost three months after the launch of the Wild Rift open beta, Riot announced its plans for eSports in Brazil. This Tuesday (29) the company unveiled the Wild Rift Season Start tournament that will be broadcast between the 9th and 10th of July on the brand’s official channel on Nimo Tv.

The tournament will feature four invited organizations and will be simple: two semi-finals next Friday and the final on Saturday. The event will have casters, guests and influencers, but Riot has not yet informed specific names. The prize will be R$ 55,000.

Chest cases featuring character and champion appearances will be distributed throughout the tournament, so keep an eye on Nimo TV’s Twitter profile to see how the sweepstakes will work.

wild tour

The MOBAS giant also announced that it will continue with the Wild Tour competitive circuit. In August and September, the company will organize four open qualifiers — the final matches will be broadcast on the brand’s official channels.

The teams participating in the events will accumulate points from the circuit and the top eight will win places for the Brazilian finals, which will take place in October at Riot’s studios in São Paulo. In all, there will be R$ 250,000 in prizes during the four qualifiers and the Brazilian final.

The winner of this “Brasileirão” guarantees a place in the League of Legends: Wild Rift world event, which will be in 2021, but there is still no exact date.

More information about the Wild Tour schedule and entries will be released during the Wild Rift Season Start.


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