Rings of Power: A First Look at Sauron and His Deceptive Avatar Form


Less than 2 months before the debut of the series, Amazon has released another trailer for “Rings of Power”, and this latest exploration of the Second Age of Middle-Earth finally gives viewers an idea of the character who is considered Sauron. This is the first time that the name of the dark Lords is mentioned in any of the trailers by a man (perhaps once a golden knight of men, now exiled) who holds a boy with a strange mark or brand on his arm (perhaps a slave child, or a child who was marked with the brush of evil) somewhere in the far south which confirms what viewers have suspected all along: the darkness growing and spreading across the lands is indeed the Sauron of the later Overlord of the Rings trilogy.

But the story of Sauron in the First and Second Eras is very different from the story of the War of the Ring, and the Rings of Power should focus on his narrative immediately after Morgoth was captured and sealed. The Valar is in turmoil, Middle-earth is vulnerable, and many great battles are taking place in these centuries, which give Sauron just the opportunity he needs to take advantage of the massacre.

In the latest trailer for The Rings of Power, this is facilitated by the first look at the character, who is believed to be an Avatar, a disguise of the beautiful elf Sauron. When Sauron does appear in Middle-earth, after his master’s terrible defeat and escape, he reappears in an illusion, a secret identity that he uses to remain hidden from those who would like to capture him. Under the protection of this skillful camouflage, Sauron manipulates Celebrimbor, forcing him to forge dark rings, which, unbeknownst to him, Sauron fills with malice and betrayal. Then Sauron takes these rings and uses the disguise of Anatar again to secretly introduce them into the possessions of the seven dwarf lords and the 9 kings of men. As is well known in the legends of Middle-earth, rings of power have devastating consequences, and they are all related to this new character in the latest trailer for Rings of Power.

At first glance, Anatar appears to be a white elf with piercing blue eyes, a shaved head and a white robe, who is shown in several quick scenes of the last teaser. If this character is actually an elf, he definitely stands out among other representatives of his race, who are usually depicted with long loose hair and intricately woven tiaras on their heads. The character is certainly a mystery, but he is the opposite of Sauron in almost every way: if Sauron is known for his black clothes, his spiked Obsidian helmet and armor, and his heavy threatening weapons, this character is wearing a mantle. in white, holding what looks like a ceremonial elven staff in the shape of the sun, and has no identifiable features on any of the images of Sauron seen so far.

Galadriel’s words are superimposed on the entire trailer, and she declares: “Evil does not sleep …”, after which a scene is shown in which a mysterious figure in a white cloak looks out from behind the edge of a hill with two companions. Then the voice-over dialogue continues “… it wakes up”, after which a close-up of the figure’s face appears, his eyes open viciously and look in the direction of something out of the camera’s field of view. Both of these things are designed to make viewers believe that this mysterious figure in white is really the antagonist of the series, the “darkness” that Galadriel is talking about, and therefore is actually Sauron disguised as an Avatar. Later in the trailer, this is also facilitated by Galadriel’s ominous warning “he doesn’t have one name, but many,” which confirms that Sauron’s numerous duplicitous entities will play a role in the series.

These several appearances of a mysterious figure in a white cloak culminate in him letting an autumn leaf through dark caves, which falls to the ground and lights up before disappearing into the darkness. The voice-over at this moment says in a creepy voice: “You have been told a lot of lies about Middle-earth,” which sounds exactly like what Sauron might say, trying to manipulate people and gain their trust so that he could subdue them. will be. The symbol of the burning leaf is an obvious hint that this white elf is not who he claims to be, and since fire is the element of Sauron, this strengthens the identity of the Avatar. It is also possible that a leaf burning in the dark is a signal to someone or some creature that something nefarious is about to happen. Maybe it could be related to the Balrog that is shown at the end of the trailer, or maybe it could be another evil mix of Sauron, but whatever that means, this slippery, cunning and overly convincing form of Anatara does not bode well. anyone.


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