Rihanna upset: she reacts to the terrible fires in Australia!


In recent days, several spectacular fires have ravaged Australia! Rihanna therefore wished to react to this drama!

A real drama is taking place in Australia! For the past few days, a fire has ravaged the country! Several stars like Rihanna therefore wanted to educate internet users …

Selena Gomez, Pink, Nicole Kidman… Several stars have decided to react to the terrible fires in Australia! On her Instagram account, Rihanna even posted a photo of the country highlighting the areas affected by the fire! A post which therefore aims to inform its subscribers of this disaster!

Many Internet users have reacted to this post! Indeed, the photo already has more than a million likes! Internet users therefore wanted to thank Rihanna in the comments! They are delighted that an international star takes his time to raise awareness of the web! So we let you discover the photo below!


Many Internet users therefore commented on Rihanna’s post. “Thank you for putting this forward Riri! Not all stars dedicate a post to Australia! Now donations must be made to stop the fires! “Or:” Rihanna really has her heart on her hand! The Australians thank you for sharing this with your community! This is very important to us! “Can we read on the social network!

Other netizens, on the other hand, talk about something quite different in the comments! Indeed, they are referring to the next album that Riri must release! “Yes, we too are devastated! But the album is released when Rihanna? “Or again:” It is clear, it is horrible what is happening in this country! But get this album out, give us a date, do something! Even if it is an album of three titles it does not matter! »Can we also read on Instagram!


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