Rihanna upset: her muse has cancer


Hard blow for Rihanna! One of her top models for Fenty Beauty is suffering from cancer. Indeed, this is Slick Woods! Thanks to social network,Rihanna is Slick Woods could meet! Indeed, Riri had flashed on the atypical look of the young woman of 23 years. The singer had decided to make her his muse. The model was present in many advertising campaigns Fenty Beauty!

An exhibition that makes her a true influence now. Indeed, Slick Wood, Simone Thompson of his real name, has almost 1 million subscribers. A success she owes a lot to Rihanna!

It’s via Instagram that the supermodel announced his illness. Indeed, three days ago, Rihanna’s protégé posted a photo (which can be seen below), with a caption for the least evocative. So, she writes with humor. “What I feel for chemotherapy. Big up to everyone who has to go through! Web users quickly understood the seriousness of this announcement. Slick Woods would suffer from melanoma. A level 3 skin cancer that is spreading.

Despite this sad news, Rihanna’s muse keeps her good humor. Indeed, in the photo, she posted the Hashtag. “At least I’m already bald.” In reference to his mythical haircut. Many personalities have already supported Slick Woods. Indeed, this is the case of actresses Trahi P. Henson or Lala Antony. Rihanna, meanwhile, has still not expressed publicly about the announcement of the disease of his muse … But it will not be long!


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