Rihanna unveils autobiographical book for Valentine’s Day


Rihanna delights her fans for Valentine’s Day with an autobiographical book. A gift that should especially please singles.

Notice to Riri fans! You can now immerse yourself in the memories of the beautiful and sulphurous Rihanna. Finally, this comes at a price, of course…

While she surely spent solo on February 14, Rihanna pleased her fans with a more than special gift. Indeed, the star of Barbados has concocted a book recounting her memories. Eh yes ! Freshly single, Riri thought of her fans who remained on the floor for Valentine’s Day . Whether you are or not, it will most certainly tease you. What is certain is that Rihanna shows herself there as she is. Her book will therefore be available in several boxes and at various prices.

Entitled ” theRIHANNAbook “, this new book will put the star in the spotlight. Even if you are not a fan of reading, rest assured. It will be entirely visual. Thus, you will discover photos of the star at different times in her life . On IG, @badgalriri gave an overview. We then see the starlet in Eve’s outfit, on the beach, in the water or sunbathing. Besides topless photos, we will also see much softer photos. After all, this book is intended to be autobiographical, not erotic.

Rihanna has not finished surprising us. She who multiplies her appointments with A $ AP bares herself in a brand new book. We know that Riri’s plastic is something to dream about. A few years ago, she even posed topless for her. It must be said that with a body carved in stone like that of Rihanna, we can afford it. To get this autobiographical book, you will have to pay the price, with a range going from 500 to 1000 dollars!

The graphic designer behind this new Rihanna baby said that “the narrative of this book [is] complex and layered” . The idea is also to “not see the same event appear several times in this book”. Each chapter will tell a different story from Rihanna’s life. “Rihanna also wanted to show the energy of the day, of the moment. We therefore wanted to bring together multiple images that could evoke this energy ” . Apart from the many shots of the star, the sense of design, aesthetics and visual experience has really been worked on. In any case, this project looks titanic and our diva is very proud of it.

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