Rihanna in a toxic relationship with Hassan Jameel? It would force her to gain weight!


Rihanna ended her relationship with Hassan Jameel. The young Saudi would have been unhealthy during all these years.

Rihanna ultimately did not find the gem. The singer would have been trapped in a toxic relationship with Hassan Jameel … A close friend of the star balance!

Rihanna doesn’t seem to be very lucky in love. In a relationship with rapper Chris Brown in 2013, he quickly turned violent. And if fans thought that she had finally met the perfect man, they were disappointed to learn that the two lovers had broken up after 3 years of relationship. Indeed, since December 2016, the Saudi heir and the Barbadian singer seemed to spin the perfect love.

Rumors had even led to believe that the beautiful brunette was expecting a baby from the young man. However, Rihanna ended this affair a few days ago. Today, news has just fallen about the morbid behavior of this so-called lover. The latter would have had an unhealthy grip on the star to the point of forcing her to transform physically.


It was blogger Shallon Lester who made these revelations. Indeed, the young woman would have had the information from a source close to Rihanna . She then said that the star’s ex would have forced her to ” eat” so that she would gain weight. So he could control the singer as he pleased. According to the same source, “he deliberately left his favorite snacks around her… on the jet and on the yacht. ”

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A disturbing admission that proves the manipulative side of the Saudi. Fortunately, Rihanna has managed to get out of her executioner’s clutches. Last weekend she said “goodbye” to the young man of 31 years old. And to forget her sweetheart, she was also to find the rapper A $ AP Rocky. But isn’t the latter supposed to be in a relationship with Jasmine Daniels? Case to follow!


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