Rihanna takes news of Kevin Durant infected with coronavirus


Rihanna takes news of Kevin Durant infected with coronavirus. During a live instagram by DJ Spade, Rihanna asked about Kevin Durant! Indeed, the basketball player is carrying the covid-19.

Like hundreds of thousands of people around the world … Basketball player Kevin Durant caught the covid-19 ! Singer Rihanna asked for news!

Rihanna asked about Kevin Durant last night during a DJ Spade live ! Indeed, last month the latter contracted the coronavirus!

“Take care of yourself and quarantine yourself. We are going to get out! ” She said enthusiastically! However, almost a month later the latter did not continue to give his news!

Thus, Rihanna , who is also known to be a fan of NBA game asked from him! Indeed, the latter commented on the live DJ Spade! The new star meeting! Indeed , Drake was also connected to this live!

Many NBA basketball players , but also club owners are infected with coronavirus! So Rihanna has not forgotten them! Yesterday, she even asked about Kevin Durant!

A delicate attention that Internet users have appreciated! Indeed, they also ask themselves the question! Many of them reacted to Rihanna’s multiple questions during this highly commented live show!

“Rihanna asks about Kevin Durant! No one has done it so far! So at least there we are sure to have an answer soon since it is Riri herself who asks the question! ”

Or again: “ I hope Kevin Durant is doing well! He was one of the first to say he had coronavirus! He must say if he is cured … In this way, it will give courage to everyone! ”

Could we read on Instagram ! So let’s hope that the basketball player is going for the best and that he will soon give his news to our Riri!


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