Rihanna superb : she unveils her Savage X Fenty special Valentine’s Day collection!


Rihanna has had great success with her underwear brand Savage X Fenty. The star appears sexy for her new collection!

In recent years, Rihanna has become much more than a singer. The star claims to be an outstanding businesswoman with her brand Savage X Fenty. Besides, she has just unveiled her new collection!

It’s been several years since Rihanna left music aside to go into business. Indeed, the star developed Fenty Beauty, a brand of cosmetics. Then, she also chose to make women’s underwear, Savage X Fenty. The singer takes care of making many sizes so that all women can find their happiness. Besides, his brand is very successful!

Rihanna has chosen to highlight all the women’s bodies. Thus, she highlights many sizes and uses models with different body shapes. Thus, Savage X Fenty aims to decomplex women and the star offers sexy lingerie. A few hours ago, the star launched her brand new collection and this one is naughty!

Rihanna has just released her brand new collection and she has chosen to base herself on Valentine’s Day. Thus, women will be able to find their happiness with daring underwear. In a video, we can see the singer in a red bra and she highlights her forms. The star introduces her naughty collection of the year and she will make many men blush. In any case, the fans did not remain indifferent when they saw his collection of Savage X Fenty.

For several days, Rihanna has been setting fire to Instagram with Savage X Fenty. Besides, the star chose to collaborate with Adam Selman, a fashion designer. The result is rather incredible and the singer is sexy in her lingerie. Many fans have left comments and they are all in love! ” It’s the perfection ! Said a fan. Finally, other fans are already looking forward to buying her new Valentine’s Day collection and the singer may well be a big hit.


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