Rihanna soon back with a new album? She teases her fans!


After months of absence, Rihanna fans are convinced that she is about to release a new album following a mysterious message …

Rihanna will be back with a new album! At least that’s what people think from a mysterious artist’s post on Instagram…

With her brand Fenty, Rihanna has abandoned her musical career for too long! Indeed, the one who produced hits every year no longer seems to be interested in music … However, against all expectations, Riri has just (maybe) teased a new musical project!

Indeed, Rihanna has just posted a rather surprising video on her Instagram account! In the images, a dog dances energetically on the title Jump Around. But it is the legend that most intrigued! Indeed, the business woman writes: “Update: I listen to R9 by myself and I refuse to leave! »An enigmatic message! But for internet users, that means that his future album will be called R9!

Since the launch of her Fenty brand, Rihanna has enjoyed great success. Indeed, the singer has become a true fashion icon. Recently, the business woman even made the front page of Vogue magazine! However, to become the business woman she is today, Riri had to make a sacrifice! Indeed, the young woman put aside her career as a singer! This is why internet users are delighted that she is trying out a new album!

Indeed, many Riri fans have reacted to his last post! “We look forward to that Rihanna! Take out an album !!! We forgot that you were basically a singer “,” But this is the best news of the day! We miss you so much Riri! Your make-up products sound too good … But we need to listen to your beautiful voice now! »Can we read on the social network! Messages that will therefore convince the beautiful brunette … At least, we hope!


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