Rihanna single: Chris Brown’s reaction revealed!


Rihanna and Hassan Jameel have separated, the star is again single. Will Chris Brown seize this opportunity to win it back?

Rihanna is single . The singer separated from her ex-boyfriend, Hassan Jameel , after almost 3 years of relationship. When it comes to his ex, Chris Brown takes off. So, will he take the opportunity to win it back?

We weren’t expecting it: Rihanna left Hassan Jameel . Riri will therefore capsize the hearts of his suitors. Besides, on Twitter, bets are open. Some see her back with Drake , but fans of Chris Brown hope he can win her back.

Rihanna is Chris Brown’s first love. It would therefore not be surprising if he tried his luck. However, everything suggests that Riri’s ex will not take the first step towards her . At least that’s what a source in Hollywood Life suggests . We tell you more.

According to the Hollywood Life informant , the chances of Chris Brown trying something with Rihanna are “very slim” . Even if he has a lot of affection for her, he spins perfect love with Ammika, the supposed mother of her child. He also added that Rihanna “would ruin the chances that it works between [him and Ammika] ” . Now that Chris is a dad, it may be time to turn the page. For the moment, Chris Brown and Ammika are trying to see where their relationship will lead. It seems that the two lovers have been dating since 2015.

According to the same informant, Chris is smart enough to understand that he has to move on, even if Rihanna is and will always be his first love: “He will always have affection for Rihanna. If she is happy, so will she . ” At the same time, the singer also worked up with Drake, another ex from Riri. Proof that he wants to move forward. There are rumors that Chris Brown even put the ring on Ammika’s finger. In any case, the two lovebirds wear a similar ring around the finger! Case to follow…


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