Rihanna shares her New Year’s beauty video tips!


It was with great joy that Rihanna shared her beauty tips for the New Year. She shared it on video! On New Years Eve, singer Rihanna decided to share a video in which she shares her beauty tips.

This year, for the holiday season, Rihanna has decided to please her community. Indeed, she offered her fans new beauty tips.

So she filmed herself using products from her make-up brand Fenty Beauty! In the video in question, Rihanna started out with simple and fairly fresh makeup.

So she said, “So today we’re going to talk about our brand new powder foundation from Fenty Beauty. I will show you all my tips and tricks. ”

Eh yes ! Rihanna took the opportunity to promote her new foundation. One thing is certain, it interests many young women!

It is then a two-in-one product, “which includes both the product as well as a mirror and a sponge for the makeup process,” she told viewers.


This product has therefore highlighted its natural beauty! “This product is also wrinkle and sweat resistant,” Rihanna continued.

So there is no doubt, the international star had no difficulty in selling this product. She has real sales talent!

“This product is not pasty at all. It matifies. It makes everything blurry, smooth, and it’s really perfect. “At the end of her makeup, she showed the result. And we remain speechless! This one is impeccable!

In addition, its makeup range is suitable for all. She’s made it for all skin tones. And all the nuances.

A beautiful message of diversity, isn’t it! With this step, the singer continues to conquer the industry she loves so much!


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