Rihanna says goodbye Fenty her luxury brand with LVMH


Rihanna was having great success with her brand Fenty. And yet, it seems that the ready-to-wear side is well and truly over.

The Fenty brand has been a hit since its release. Rihanna fans are crazy about it. And yet, the star says goodbye to ready-to-wear.

Rihanna is amazing and loves to surprise her fans. Very close to them, the young woman has made her comeback on Instagram. Today, it was followed by 90.8 million subscribers.

Even though the “Umbrella” singer is a social media star, we shouldn’t forget her great singing skills. Indeed, the female artist is no longer counting her Grammy and Billboard awards.

In fact, Rihanna intrigues Internet users a lot. They then have fun guessing the amount of her fortune. With 280 million records sold worldwide, the singer then arouses their curiosity.

Thus, the assumptions therefore fuse on the Web. Rumor has it that Rihanna is richer than Celine Dion, Madonna or Beyoncé. Just that !

Beyond her musical success, the beautiful singer is also a great businesswoman. Eh yes !

After her beauty and lingerie brand, Rihanna then embarked on ready-to-wear in 2019 with Fenty. But the pretty brunette doesn’t do things by halves. Indeed, the international star has teamed up with LVMH.

And yet, the pretty businesswoman seems to have to give up ready-to-wear to focus on beauty and lingerie.


The beautiful Rihanna is a hit with her fashion brand Fenty. Between beauty, lingerie and ready-to-wear, the pretty singer is therefore on all fronts.

In reality, the brand is therefore divided into three main branches: Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin and finally Savage x Fenty. Thus, an LVMH spokesperson clarified that these three activities were going very well.

Indeed, Fenty Beauty has a turnover of 500 million euros. For its part, Savage x Fenty generated $ 150 million. But for ready-to-wear, it’s not the same story.

Yes, the Covid-19 has decided to come and shake up all that. The pandemic therefore got the better of the ready-to-wear section. Rihanna was unlucky.

In fact, an LVMH specialist then said about the pieces: “Some have worked very well, in particular the glasses, the limited edition shoes co-signed with Amina Muaddi and the jeans items. ”

Thus, the spokesperson explained to AFP: “Pending better conditions, we are putting this activity on hold without prohibiting anything for the future. LVMH is talking to the twenty or so employees at the Paris headquarters of Fenty ready-to-wear to study all avenues for internal or external redeployment. ”

So it seems that LVMH and Rihanna have decided to focus on the brand’s other activities. So do not panic, the Fenty brand does not seem to have its last word. To be continued.


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