Rihanna responds to her own stylist’s collection about new album: “I don’t need this negativity”


Rihanna hasn’t released an album since 2016 and the wait is already driving fans crazy. As the singer continues to promote her make-up and underwear brands, she often dodges questions about new songs. The popstar always uses a lot of irony… And it happened again, with an unusual comment!

This Wednesday (13) Jahleel Weaver, who is a designer and personal friend of Rihanna, commented in one of the Instagram photos: “Where’s the album? !!!”, he questioned.

Holds this answer: “I don’t need this negativity in my life! Blocked.”

Taking it literally, you can tell that she believes her music work is negative for her life. But considering she was answering a friend, the ironic tone was clear. In the end, everyone knows that she is actually planning something, but will only talk about it at the right time.

From the little she has said, we know the singer wants to explore reggae. She confirmed the information in interviews for Vogue and T Magazine. Jamaican Supa Dubs is an influence. Rihanna’s partner vocal producer Kuk Harrell called the album “amazing” and “wonderful.” Variety recently stated that the singer is working on two simultaneous albums – one more pop / R & B commercial and one more experimental, focused on dancehall, a Jamaican style of music that is a kind of reggae subgenre.