Rihanna reminds you that she launched The Rihanna Book!


Rihanna has pulled out all the stops for the promotion of her book! The bomb posted a very sexy photo with her Rihanna book. We show you….

Bomb alert ! Rihanna has struck again! Indeed, the singer made an impression by appearing almost naked to promote her book on Instagram! And her fans loved it! We let you see her sexy photo in the rest of the article!

When it comes to getting people talked about online, Rihanna never does things by halves! Indeed, the singer is the queen of provocation! And she doesn’t hesitate to go out of her way to create a buzz!

The pretty brunette has a habit of posting hot pictures on her profile. Between her sexy shoots at the beach, her sensual looks and her promotional campaigns, the It girl is always a sensation!

Internet users are very numerous to follow the artist to be amazed. Indeed, Rihanna has more than 91 million followers on her Instagram page. Unbelievable !

The bomb then uses the famous social network to spoil its fans with unpublished photos. And the least we can say is that they are not at the end of their surprise!

Yesterday, Rihanna pulled out all the stops to show off her new Rihanna book in XXL version. And it’s amazing! Sexy Rihanna to remind fans that she released her Rihanna Book!

Sexy Rihanna to remind fans that she released her Rihanna Book!


The It girl improvised a scorching shoot in her swimming pool. She then shows herself in a mini bikini swimming in the water.

The star wears a sequined swimsuit that perfectly shows off her breasts. She lies down at the edge of the pool to give a breathtaking view of her cleavage. We love !

But that’s not all ! The star also takes advantage of this sensual pose to draw the attention of her fans to another detail! Indeed, the bomb has a brand new version of her Rihanna book behind her!

As a reminder, the artist had published an unpublished photo book with more than 500 pages a few years ago! Today, the bomb has decided to go further and release a gigantic version of her book.

In the photo, Rihanna puts her book next to it to show her size. And surprise! The book is 3 times bigger than her!

This announcement therefore had the effect of a bomb on the Internet! Indeed, the sexy shot of Rihanna has amazed Internet users. And they fell in love with her new XXL book.

” Unbelievable ! I want it ”,“ You are splendid ”,“ What a bomb! it makes you want to see more in your book “,” A true Queen! Well done ”,“ OMG! It’s hot, “we can read among the many reactions on Instagram.

No doubt, Rihanna has hit hard with this new project! And the singer may then wreak havoc with her Rihanna Book XXL!