Rihanna receives collaboration from reggae artist Koffee for “R9”


Another collaborator of the creative process of “R9”, Rihanna’s next album: Kofee, revealed. In an interview with i-D magazine, she said: “It’s great that Rihanna is a fan of Kofee. I’m a fan of Rihanna too. We’ve been playing some stuff around. I think something will come in the near future, but for now I can’t confirm it. ”

Koffee is a Jamaican reggae singer – genre that Rihanna promises to explore in her new material. She is only 19 years old and was named by BBC Radio 1 as one of the hot names for 2019, the year she released her first EP, “Rapture”.

Listen to some of your most successful songs to understand what Rihanna is interested in:


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