Rihanna reassures her fans after her scooter accident!


On Friday September 4, paparazzi took a picture of Rihanna. This one was injured and had bruises on her face. Prying eyes spotted the young woman in a car near Los Angeles.

In fact, Rihanna had an electric scooter accident. The young woman therefore violently hit her head. Hence the bruises on the face and forehead.

However, the singer’s spokesperson told People magazine that the young singer was doing well. Indeed, he specifies that she has no serious injuries. Moreover, the young woman is recovering very quickly.


More little than harm therefore for the young woman. Indeed, Rihanna is slowly recovering from her accident.

Having no serious injuries, the young singer seems to be on her feet already. Thus, the founder of Fenty Beauty recently launched her new line of products.

These are intended to be accessible to all. Also, Rihanna wants her products to be suitable for everyone. Which includes both women and men!

Rihanna hopes to break beauty codes and include as many people as possible. In addition, the young woman is very active with her beauty mark.

If the fans are still waiting for the new album of the young woman, she is also on a documentary project. Indeed, the Rihanna doc should see the light of day in July 2020. It will be available on July 4, 2021 more precisely, on the Amazon streaming platform.

Director Peter Borg is very happy to work with Riri. “She is a remarkable woman. She is very active! Every time you think you’ve finished the documentary you learn something new and think to yourself that you can’t help but put it in the movie. »He explains.


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