Rihanna Really In Love With A $ AP Rocky?

Since she announced her relationship with A $ AP Rocky, Internet users have been wondering. Is Rihanna in love with him?

Is Rihanna in love with ASAP Rocky? Internet users are asking the question!

Great sadness for all the people who dreamed of being in a relationship with Rihanna! She is no longer a heart to take!

Indeed, just imagine that she has recently been in a relationship with rapper ASAP Rocky. And one thing is certain, their relationship was controversial!

Some celebrities have even criticized it! Starting with the American rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

But whatever ! Right now, Rihanna is living her best life with him! She even decided to spend the holiday season with him.

In fact, HollywoodLife magazine revealed that the couple were together in Barbados to spend Christmas Eve alone.


A source close to the singer told HollywoodLife. “It’s a great sign that Rihanna is happy with A $ AP Rocky. Rihanna loves her family. She invited the rapper to join her ”.

“They have two plans. That’s why he joined him in Barbados. They therefore meet together before leaving for work in January ”.

But there you have it, some people wonder. Is Rihanna Really In Love With A $ AP Rocky? For many people, the answer is yes!

The two artists want to preserve their relationship. This is precisely the reason why they do not show up!

But things rush between the two lovebirds. The singer is finally ready to make a commitment! Namely that A $ AP Rocky has always carried it in his heart.

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Indeed, he was secretly in love with her for years. But he had stayed in the friendzone. And although they dated a few times, they never really lived their story.



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