Rihanna really hit on by her model friend Cara Delevingne?


In the year 2017, rumors swelled about Rihanna and Cara Delevingne. Did the model really hit on the R&B star?

After the release of the film Valérian in 2017, Cara Delevingne would have fallen under the spell of Rihanna, her co-star. The singer, she would have preferred to push her away. Is the rumor true? The writing of

Who would resist Rihanna’s charm? On this Earth, not many people! However, has the interpreter of Sex With Me been dredged for all the biggest American stars? Not so sure !

A few years ago, a rumor circulated on the web: Cara Delevingne and the R&B star would flirt together. Indeed, he told himself that the model was struggling to seduce the beautiful Barbadian. And this, after the film Valérian was released in theaters, in 2017.

Thus, the top model has agreed to give an interview to our colleagues at Star. And the least that we can say is that the young woman did not hide her crush for the singer.

“Delevingne’s crush on his girlfriend Rihanna excommunicated her from the singer’s inner circle,” the magazine read. Ouch, so it was not reciprocal!

Indeed, Badgalriri, by her nickname, would not have appreciated at all that the actress went so far in their relationship. Besides, she would have even been more than uncomfortable. “They smiled and posed on the red carpet together but Ri kept her distance later. ”

“They were very close but when Cara said she had feelings for Ri things changed,” said a source. However, Gossip God quickly denied this rumor!

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Rihanna really hit on by her model friend Cara Delevingne


Indeed, our colleagues assured that there was no discomfort between the two women. And as proof, Rihanna had shared a photo with her friend on her Instagram account.

Thus, the one who makes her fans wait for the release of her 9th album was posing with her back. Like nothing, the young woman put a hand on the buttocks of the supermodel. After all, she doesn’t deny herself anything!

So Cara Delevingne was quick to write him a nice message. “Thank you my boo for always making me smile and of course for keeping my chubby butt warm. ” How cute !

For her part, the model had shared a photo of herself with Rihanna. The two stars were on the red carpet. However, the shot was not the most glamorous.

In reality, the pretty blonde did not take down her friend’s neckline. “😂”, had she simply written in the caption of her publication? Better to laugh about it than cry about it! In fact, the actress also added, “Cara is like all of us.”

So, it seems that the two stars of the film Valérian had a lot of fun at the rumors about them. And they chose the best of ways!


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