Rihanna: Why does she persist in not releasing “R9” [FILE]


Rihanna never stops teasing the Web. For months now, the Barbadian has been working on a new opus. Finally, it is slow to see the light, much to the chagrin of its fans. Why doesn’t she release “R9” right away?

From fashion to music, Rihanna reigns supreme. It must be said that the Caribbean singer has chained the tubes!

Recognized worldwide with Please Don’t Stop The Music, our badgal Riri has therefore stood out and positioned himself as the most listened to artist. With her outspokenness and her own style, no wonder she has a whole community behind her.

Finally, the latter claims “R9”, his supposed 9th album, for months already. Yes, the album is still in the pipeline, at a time when his musical career is on standby.

Yes, his latest album until now is ANTI. If she hasn’t released anything since then, you might as well say that Rihanna is expected at the turn.

Apart from more Caribbean sounds, a collaboration with The Neptunes and Pharrel Williams, we don’t know much about this new opus. Why doesn’t Riri give us any information?

We can say: Rihanna is good at keeping her fans in suspense. Apart from a feat sound on the last PartyNextDoor album, Riri remains very silent.

We also remember the false joy that the fans had when they posted a date on a black background in story: that of her birthday. Some believed that she would finally drop “R9”, but no.

It was a false joy for many of them, who eagerly await the album. Among his most fervent aficionados is his ex, Drake.

Earlier, the rapper also known as Champagne Papi, asked the singer live when she was going to release her new album. To which Riri replied: “Bring water to Drake”.

So a way of telling her that she will publish it when she chooses. However, his early fans are convinced that with “R9”, Rihanna could save the world.

Yes, some are waiting “to see if it will save the world, when it is most needed,” as a fan said on Twitter.

At the same time, a tweetos said on Twitter that “Rihanna will not release an album until the coronavirus is eradicated. Because if she releases an album, she will have to tour behind, “he wrote.

“But there, with the [virus], it’s impossible, so no album,” he concluded. Finally, for some, this is not a valid reason.

And Rihanna could release the album before we get out of the confinement. Especially since for many, the album would already be ready to be released.

Earlier in December, Riri posted a captioned video, “Me listening to R9 on my own and refusing to release it.” If it came out in the coming days, it would be good news, both for the singer and for her community.

Indeed, the streaming platforms would jump, as the rebellious fans want to wiggle on Rihanna. However, if the coronavirus is behind all of this, @Badgalriri is far from alone in having to delay the release of its album.

Yes, other artists like Lady Gaga for example, had to postpone the release of their albums.

Another plausible reason for her delay is that Rihanna has other cats to whip. Indeed, the beautiful is at the head of a brand, Fenty Beauty.

Besides, you are aware that the Bad Girl is the first black woman to lead an Empire within the LVMH group! She is even a juror of a prestigious prize granted by Louis Vuitton.

But that’s not all … With the Covid-19 epidemic, the star is getting more involved than ever. That does not leave him much time to devote to his album.

Also, it seems that Riri caresses the desire to one day start a family. Yes, the artist told Vogue that she wanted a tribe of three or four children, claiming to be able to make a baby on her own.

After all, she is self-sufficient and has even admitted that she does not want to take the lead with a man, for now. But it will take a lot of free time to get 4 children by the age of 40.

It is also possible that after his 9th album, the artist will take a musical break. So see her as a woman who has many strings to her bow.

She is definitely not a woman who likes to be locked up. So maybe she wants to explore other areas than music, now that she’s known for that.

Finally, what is certain is that the album is confirmed: Rihanna is therefore working on this famous “R9”.


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