International artists who have conquered half the world spend much of their lives aboard an airplane. Some travel in private jets, but others take commercial ones, like the rest of the world. Of course, they fly in first class, that is not for everyone.

The fact is that Rihanna set sail for London and when she was comfortably seated in her seat, a traveler she knew was well known. They were excited to meet again and the singer wanted to document the moment in her Instagram stories.

He hit the play and started joking with Paul McCartney. “I’m about to blow it up, Mr. McCartney,” Rihanna said as she laughed loudly. “How is it that you are on my flight?” He follows the game and becomes clueless, as if he hadn’t recognized her. “What’s going on here? Who is recording me? ”, You hear him say.

Surely they took advantage of the trip to Heathrow Airport to catch up. Recall that both collaborated, along with Kanye West on FourFiveSeconds, a single that they presented at the Grammy in 2016. Rihanna has described this meeting as a ‘RihUnion’.

While we wait for new music from Rihanna, which seems to never come, she remains focused on her commitments to Fenty, her line of cosmetics and lingerie that have her very busy.

In fact, in his latest stories he presents us with some of his new products, among which we find a pillow with one of his most provocative photos and some glamorous wives.

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A most provocative kit for this Christmas in which many go crazy looking for the best gift for theirs. She, of course, gives us ideas. Of course, we do not know if he will have given Sir Paul one of these products.


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