Rihanna not so perfect: Seth Meyers balances its worst defect!


Rihanna is not the perfect young woman that all her fans imagine. And she would even have a big defect that is very specific to her! It was Seth Meyers who balanced the record on TV. And that during the must-see show of Jimmy Fallon. Not sure that it goes unnoticed.

One might think that Rihanna has everything to please. Indeed, she is first of all a singer of genius known throughout the world. In addition to singing, she is also an actress while investing in good causes. And that without forgetting that she is just amazing beauty!

But, it is necessary that a detail that kills come to “taint” this portrait, otherwise Riri would not be human. Indeed, like all of us, she has her little flaws. And things she knows less well than others … But then, what the star can not do?

And we must rely on an acquaintance of Rihanna to know this defect. This is the Seth Meyers personality. The host of Late Night has confided this on TV and more. History that everyone is well aware!

Guest of Jimmy Fallon’s show, Seth Meyers sold the wick on a character trait of Rihanna. She has no talent for taking pictures! And he was able to realize it during his own show. He says, “At one point she took my phone and took a ton of pictures while we were drinking and when I looked at them, I was like ‘Rihanna is really bad for taking pictures’

Then Seth Meyers adds that he would not like to have Rihanna’s number: “I would spend the whole day wondering what to write to him. I should not have Riri’s number. In the same way that Trump should not have nuclear codes ยป


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