Rihanna makes a huge donation to fight the coronavirus!


For several weeks, the coronavirus has been spreading all over the world. Rihanna chose to donate!

Countries have been closing in on themselves for days with the virus. Indeed, countries have banned thefts and people should stay at home as much as possible. So everyone is hoping for an end to the virus.

The medical staff are mobilizing to fight against the virus and treat the victims. However, hospitals are overloaded and there are more and more patients. In addition, doctors do not have enough masks to protect themselves.

Rihanna has therefore chosen to make a very beautiful gesture with her Clara Lionel foundation. Indeed, according to the TMZ media, she would have given a large sum of money for people who are fighting against the virus!

Rihanna has just donated $ 5 million with her Clara Lionel foundation against the coronavirus. This fine sum of money will be used by people who are on the front line facing the virus. In addition, we are talking about medical personnel who never stop working in the face of the virus.

The Rihanna association is partnering with several other foundations such as Direct Relief and Partners in Health. The starlet wants to help people who still have to work to keep the country going. Then, above all, she wants to be able to offer help to communities in need.

The singer will therefore make a donation for a few countries such as the United States, Africa and the Caribbean. In addition, the five million dollars will go to food banks to help some countries like Haiti and Malawi.

Rihanna has always been engaged and she said that she wanted the countries to remain lonely with each other. “We cannot do this in a divided way,” she said earlier in the year. Thus, she shows solidarity in the face of the coronavirus and it is a very good example.

Faced with the virus, Rihanna is not the only one who wants to show solidarity. Indeed, Christian Siriano, a fashion designer has chosen to make masks for hospitals.


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