Rihanna makes her mark as the Fashion Queen!


Are you wondering who is the Queen of Fashion in the world? Look no further, it’s Rihanna! We reveal everything to you.

Rihanna is positioned as the queen of Fashion on Instagram!

The pretty Barbadian is a sensation with each of her appearances. Whether on the red carpet or on the streets, Rihanna makes a statement with her unique style.

A true fashion icon! Thus, all appearances of the pretty brunette are eagerly awaited.

And her outfits make her fans drool every time. It must be said that Rihanna is followed very closely by her thousands of fans.

Thus, on Instagram we find a large number of fan accounts of the artist. The latter do not miss a beat of her life. And especially none of her appearances. So it’s no surprise that the young woman’s Instagram posts garner thousands of likes.

So it’s no surprise that the big brands want to dress it up. So, it’s always a great time to see her on the red carpet!


In recent years, the pretty woman has swapped her microphone for a stylist pencil. And Rihanna didn’t disappoint her fans when she decided to launch her lingerie brand.

Indeed Savage x Fenty is a real success. The brand thus offers lingerie for all women.

An inclusive brand that is thus inspired by the diversity of women’s beauty. Successful bet !

In fact Rihanna unveiled her new lingerie collection a few weeks ago. An extraordinary and unique show, in the image of its brand.

The pretty Barbadian is on all fronts. In addition to her lingerie brand, she is launching her cosmetics brand. And as much to say that the success is always there.

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Everything she touches turns to gold. So much so that she now enjoys a fortune estimated at more than 521 million euros at only 32 years old.


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