Rihanna is learning French and her beginnings are complicated! (VIDEO)


Rihanna and the language of Molière, it’s a great love story. The singer therefore decided to learn French. Here is a video.

Rihanna would take private lessons to learn French. So the Barbados star shared his lessons in a video posted on Twitter. Let’s be honest, that’s not quite it. However, there is no doubt about his involvement.

2020 promises to be rich in projects for Rihanna. As fans eagerly await her next album, the singer has drawn a line under her last relationship. It must be said that she was mired in a toxic relationship with Jameel. Since then, it has set new goals.

After starting the year on a high note with her Fenty Beauty brand, Rihanna started taking French lessons. In France since Tuesday, the star of Barbados has therefore practiced the practice of the language of Molière. MCE TV tells you everything.

First lesson for Riri, and everything suggests that the star has trouble with our language. It must be said that French is not such an obvious language to learn. From the beginning of the video, we hear Rihanna struggling to pronounce a sentence which for us seems very simple: “You can change”, “You can change, in French”. The first difficulty our badgal faces: double pronouns. In the video, we hear him say: “can you change”. Besides, patience does not seem to be its strong point.

“It’s you can you change”, continues the star. While Rihanna repeats the same error several times, Siri decides to repeat it. Faced with this, @badgalriri reacts quickly: “This p * cup lies”, she replies to her smartphone. If the Barbadian bothers so much with our language, she is nonetheless a big fan. In 2015, she even taught her American friends to pronounce Christian Dior to perfection. We wish him good luck!



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