Rihanna is preparing her own Caribbean cookbook!


Definitely, Rihanna is on all terrains this year! Indeed, the latter is about to release a cookbook! Good news for Rihanna fans! The beautiful singer is about to release a recipe book!

If Rihanna still has not released her famous album “R9”, her fans have much to be consoled! And for good reason, the young woman is about to release a recipe book … Yes, yes, you read that right!

The young woman will therefore highlight Caribbean cuisine! A new passion for cooking that the singer developed during confinement!

Indeed, here is what the beautiful Rihanna had declared to our colleagues at Closer: “I love what I do, but I am always busy and the confinement gave me the time to do things that I could not always to cook, to go for a walk. ”

“It’s important to do little things that we love and to be kind to ourselves,” Riri said!


For a week, the beautiful Rihanna has put her suitcases in Barbados! Indeed, the singer is back in her native island to spend the holidays with the family! So, a few days ago, the young woman took advantage of the island heat to wear her best bikini!

Indeed, Riri posted a photo of herself in a bikini that ignited Instagram! Thus, the post in question already has more than 5 million likes, a real record! The comments are also very numerous!

“Too beautiful Rihanna”, “A real top model, I love it! “” Canon, the swimsuit is sublime! ┬╗We can read on the singer’s social network!

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Comments all more adorable than each other which will therefore please the beautiful brunette! We let you admire the shot in question below!


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