Rihanna in the streets of Santa Monica


Singer Rihanna has been spotted in the streets of Santa Monica all dressed in black! We’ll give you more details.

Saturday, November 7, the pretty Barbadian was spotted in the streets of Santa Monica. Indeed, Rihanna was leaving a restaurant after having dined there.

If the young woman wanted to remain discreet, it was without counting on the paparazzi who never miss a thing. Rihanna also opted for a total black look for this night out.

The pretty brunette was wearing leather pants and a long black coat. Wearing long braids, she also wore a black beret to accessorize her hairstyle.

Classy and mysterious in her total black look, the young woman caused a sensation! A happiness for her fans always delighted to see photos of their favorite singer. But only one question comes to mind: where is she with her new album?


It’s hard to really know what Rihanna is working on right now. We still know that the young artist spent more than 11 hours in a hotel a few days ago.

The singer was rumored to be on the set for a music video. Which ? Mystery!

Indeed, Rihanna remains very mysterious at the moment. If the fans were able to discover its novelties with its other brands, in terms of music we do not know much.

Besides, fans are seriously starting to get impatient. But the pretty brunette doesn’t seem ready to give them what they want!

It must be said that it has been over a year since her new album is expected. And for the time that fans have been waiting, not the shadow of R9 on the horizon.

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All we know is that her new project should have 10 songs. And we can expect a few love songs. Case to be continued.


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