Rihanna hired the dwarf ambassador for Savage x Fenty!


To everyone’s surprise, Rihanna has just presented the first dwarf ambassador for her “Savage x Fenty” brand!

As you probably know, Rihanna therefore has her own line of lingerie. Not long ago, she introduced the very first dwarf ambassador for her brand Savage x Fenty!

Nothing seems to be able to stop the very famous American singer. Rihanna thus connects the projects, but above all, the very big successes.

It must be said that she really has a lot of talent. We can no longer count the number of her hits! But it is no longer in music that she thrives.

As you probably know, the singer of the title Hate That I Love You is the head of her own company. So this is Savage x Fenty, the famous lingerie brand.

Launched in 2018, the latter is a hit with fans of the huge star. But not only ! The artist manages to reach a very large clientele.

The reason the Savage x Fenty brand is so successful is because it doesn’t exclude anyone. Eh yes ! Rihanna breaks the codes and chooses models of any weight, but also of all sizes.

Not long ago, the great American singer introduced the first dwarf ambassador who will represent the image of her company. Yes, you did hear it.

Rihanna hires her first dwarf ambassador for Savage x Fenty!


As you may know, Rihanna advocates diversity and inclusion with her lingerie line. Savage x Fenty is for everyone!

On the brand’s website and social networks, we can discover photo models of all colors, all weights, all sizes and all genders!

Eh yes ! The very famous American businesswoman recently launched the men’s underwear line. What to make the happiness of the male race. It must be said that the rooms are really comfortable.

But that’s not all ! Not long ago, she then introduced her very first petite ambassador. So it is Tamera McLaughlin, a young woman well known on the Internet for her humorous videos. She is very funny !

Proud to have been selected by the huge star, the photo model then posted her joy on Instagram. She still can’t believe it! Yet it is indeed real.

We thus discover two sublime photos on which she poses in a black ensemble. Behind her, we then see a ton of tickets scattered on the wall and the sofa.

The clichés send very heavy! We let you discover them on her profile. Once again, Rihanna hasn’t done things by halves.


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